Wet or Dry?

Since early in the year Environment Canada has been calling for a Hot & Dry Summer on the Prairies this year.  While May certainly was one of the warmest on record with low rainfall, June has seen some areas receiving an abundance of rain, often as thunderstorms.  Areas like Pelly and Esterhazy have seen some downpours into the 5″ range with most everywhere else seeing amounts ranging from 1/2″ and up.  Yorkton this past weekend received about 2″ on the SW corner and about 6/10th’s on the East side.  Typical wide ranging amounts with thunderstorms.  Some producers in the Moosomin area have a total of about 14″ already this growing season and are hoping the tap turns off!  While they seeded through everything this year, the sloughs are now once again full.  This coming week is showing a wet week again with thunderstorm activity forecast for more days than not.  While time will of course tell, if it does turn hot and dry through July and August we will be thankful for the rain we received in June!

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