Private Farm Land Sales

The sale of Farm Land from neighbor to neighbor is very common on the Prairies.  It may be the Buyer has been renting the land for some time now, or perhaps the Seller is downsizing their operation or quitting farming altogether.  Whatever the reason for selling, in addition to the price the details of the sale are very important and should not be overlooked.  Has a full search of the title been performed to see what interests are currently registered?  I often come across interests that the Seller & Buyer are not aware of and may have an effect on the sale of the property.  Are the true Title Acres known?  The general public often assumes every quarter of land comes with 160 Title Acres, this is not always so.  Are there any restrictions regarding what the property may be used for?  An example would be a Conservation Easement that prohibits breaking grass land for grainland.  Then there are the legal details and clauses required to ensure the Contract of Purchase and Sale is legally binding thereby protecting both the Seller and Buyer from unnecessary issues. Verbal agreements are just that and are only good until one of the parties feel that what they believe to be was agreed to differs from what the other party believes.  Get it in writing and do so with the guidance and expertise of a Professional Land Consultant.  The Agents at Hammond Realty are licensed professionals with many years of experience in guiding & negotiating with Sellers and Buyers to the successful & positive completion of Farm Land transactions.  Give us a call today!

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