Farm Labour Backup Plan

Having a back-up plan for ensuring the farm work continues to be completed if the key manager, or anyone in the farm workforce for that matter, should happen to fall ill is an important part of every farm management plan. Covid-19 has underscored the potential for major problems to any business by a disruption to the availability of workers and farming is no exception. As the various levels of Government are working to ensure the availability of out of country seasonal workers, farm managers are looking at their options for the upcoming production season. This potential for farm labour shortages has the potential to be compounded in some areas of Saskatchewan where some producers have 2019 crop left to harvest this Spring in addition to the need for seeding the 2020 crop. A challenge for sure! Those farms who up to this point have not incorporated a labour shortage contingency plan into their overall farm plan will certainly want to put that onto the “to do list”. The attached article in the latest edition of the FCC Knowledge Newsletter outlines some key points to consider.

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