Changing Consumer Preferences

Keeping track of the ever changing trends when it comes to consumer preferences regarding their diet and food purchasing decisions is always a challenge.  As the Covid 19 Pandemic continues its march around the world Spring has arrived and planting this year’s crop has already started in some areas of Saskatchewan.  Although it is basically too late to change seeding plans at this point, the attached article by Owen Roberts in the latest FCC Knowledge Newsletter discusses how the pandemic has changed consumer preferences.  While it is fair to say some of these changes may not last for the long term, it is also fair to say that some will.  How well our producers are able to understand those changes will help them to adapt their farm plans and position themselves to take advantage of the new consumer buying patterns.  This is, of course, not an overnight process.  That said, it is happening and needs to be on the agenda of every farm.  Never a dull moment in Agriculture!

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