Land Auction – RM Cote #271

The Land Auction in RM of Cote #271 for a full section of prime grain land with yard site is slated to start tomorrow April 14/21 at 9:00 AM and end on April 15/21 at 4:00 PM with a Soft Close in effect.  Interest and registrations for this Auction have been excellent, be sure to checkout all the details at .

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Wanted: 10,000 Grain Acres

Wade Berlinic and Hammond Realty have secured a Buyer Contract for 10,000 acres of top quality grain land in the East Central or NE areas of Saskatchewan.  An intact large farm operation or a combination of smaller land holdings to reach the desired acres are both options this Buyer will consider. Preference given to land with Final Ratings of 70 or higher and open high cultivated acres per quarter. For further information contact Wade Berlinic at 306-641-4667.  All inquiries will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Farm Communication Skills

Running a farm although different than many other businesses, is also in some ways the same, especially when it comes to having good communication skills.  The attached article by Richard Kamchen in the FCC Knowledge Newsletter discusses the importance of being a good communicator. The process of learning how to be an effective communicator is a life long one and includes being able to recognize that different employees may require varying approaches.  Personalities of any two workers are seldom the same and what one readily grasps another may not.  When providing instruction ask yourself a few basic questions.  “Did they appear to understand what I asked of them, or did they seem confused and disconnected?”  “Is what I think I said what they heard?”  It is not uncommon for the receiver to hear something different than what the provider intended.  When unsure if the correct message was received simply ask the employee to explain in their own words what they understand they are to do. In addition to the words used (particularly with out of Country workers who may not have a full understanding of English), your tone of voice, facial and body expressions, level of patience vs in a hurry, all add to the communication experience and how it is interpreted.  Open friendly dialogue that encourages questions to confirm what is expected will go a long way to a smoother running operation and overall satisfaction by both employer and employee.  Good communication skills, paramount for minimizing problems and providing a pleasant atmosphere for all involved!

Changing Consumer Preferences

Keeping track of the ever changing trends when it comes to consumer preferences regarding their diet and food purchasing decisions is always a challenge.  As the Covid 19 Pandemic continues its march around the world Spring has arrived and planting this year’s crop has already started in some areas of Saskatchewan.  Although it is basically too late to change seeding plans at this point, the attached article by Owen Roberts in the latest FCC Knowledge Newsletter discusses how the pandemic has changed consumer preferences.  While it is fair to say some of these changes may not last for the long term, it is also fair to say that some will.  How well our producers are able to understand those changes will help them to adapt their farm plans and position themselves to take advantage of the new consumer buying patterns.  This is, of course, not an overnight process.  That said, it is happening and needs to be on the agenda of every farm.  Never a dull moment in Agriculture!

What to know when Selling or Buying Farmland

The attached post from FCC featuring Lance Stockbrugger discusses some of the many factors to consider when deciding to either Sell or Buy farmland.  Considering the current values for Saskatchewan Farmland, and how they have risen to current levels in the past 15 years, regardless if you are on the Selling or Buying end this has become a major financial decision.  Many areas of the Province have risen to levels where a single quarter of farmland far exceeds the cost of purchasing a modern house.  As Lance mentions, interest rates are one of the main factors that need to be considered before moving forward, a factor that affects both the Seller & Buyer.  The Agents at Hammond Realty are here to help and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with their Clients, whether a Seller or Buyer.

Farm Labour Backup Plan

Having a back-up plan for ensuring the farm work continues to be completed if the key manager, or anyone in the farm workforce for that matter, should happen to fall ill is an important part of every farm management plan. Covid-19 has underscored the potential for major problems to any business by a disruption to the availability of workers and farming is no exception. As the various levels of Government are working to ensure the availability of out of country seasonal workers, farm managers are looking at their options for the upcoming production season. This potential for farm labour shortages has the potential to be compounded in some areas of Saskatchewan where some producers have 2019 crop left to harvest this Spring in addition to the need for seeding the 2020 crop. A challenge for sure! Those farms who up to this point have not incorporated a labour shortage contingency plan into their overall farm plan will certainly want to put that onto the “to do list”. The attached article in the latest edition of the FCC Knowledge Newsletter outlines some key points to consider.

FCC Covid-19 Program for Farmers

As the Covid-19 epidemic continues its march across the globe, Agriculture like most industries is feeling the effects.  FCC explains how they are able to help Farmers through these times at the following link:

Farm Land is a Great Investment

In addition to health concerns the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought about many questions and changes in the economic/financial well being of most everyone.  The Stock Market showed about a 30% drop in value during the week of March 16 to 20, 2020, and seems to be hovering around that new value, some days up a bit and some days down a bit.  This has resulted in many conversations regarding where is a “true” safe place for holding capital year in and year out.  While many will point to the old faithful Gold index, perhaps now more than ever the safest place is possibly in good ole dirt!  People will of course always need to eat and as a result it stands to reason that Farm Land will always be needed. Buyers of Farm Land, whether the Farmer or an Investor, are in reality both Investor’s.  Yes Farmers use the land to produce their crops of choice which provide a financial return and way of life.  That said, the investment of their capital into Farm Land also provides a retirement source which over the last dozen or so years is a far safer haven than the Stock Market.  It really is this simple, people will always need to eat, and the Covid-19 Pandemic has provided a forum for people of all walks of life to re-examine what is important in life.  Farm Land is a great investment now and always will be.  This will translate into good returns when the time comes to retire!  Whether you are a local Farmer or an Investor, give the Professional Land Consultants at Hammond Realty a call to discuss how increasing your Farm Land portfolio is a great way to plan for the well being of your financial needs both now and long term.

Private Farm Land Sales

The sale of Farm Land from neighbor to neighbor is very common on the Prairies.  It may be the Buyer has been renting the land for some time now, or perhaps the Seller is downsizing their operation or quitting farming altogether.  Whatever the reason for selling, in addition to the price the details of the sale are very important and should not be overlooked.  Has a full search of the title been performed to see what interests are currently registered?  I often come across interests that the Seller & Buyer are not aware of and may have an effect on the sale of the property.  Are the true Title Acres known?  The general public often assumes every quarter of land comes with 160 Title Acres, this is not always so.  Are there any restrictions regarding what the property may be used for?  An example would be a Conservation Easement that prohibits breaking grass land for grainland.  Then there are the legal details and clauses required to ensure the Contract of Purchase and Sale is legally binding thereby protecting both the Seller and Buyer from unnecessary issues. Verbal agreements are just that and are only good until one of the parties feel that what they believe to be was agreed to differs from what the other party believes.  Get it in writing and do so with the guidance and expertise of a Professional Land Consultant.  The Agents at Hammond Realty are licensed professionals with many years of experience in guiding & negotiating with Sellers and Buyers to the successful & positive completion of Farm Land transactions.  Give us a call today!

Farm Advisors becoming more and more common.

The need for and use of Farm Advisors for both family farm transition planning and the day to day management decisions on the farm is becoming greater and indeed more commonly used.  Check out this video by Patti Durand

Yorkton East Farm

Opportunity with an excellent location awaits on this awesome property only 2 Miles East of Yorkton, SK along Highway #10.  The Yard Site, approximately 19 acres, has been well developed including a mature shelterbelt and extensive gravel.  The Main House features a full Brick Exterior, very large rooms throughout, and closets/storage space at every turn.  In addition to the Main Floor Kitchen there is a second Kitchen in the Basement and a Mud/Utility Room with direct access from the Garage.  A 2nd House is rented out and provides a monthly income.  The Machine Shed is 50’ x 120’ with a full Metal Frame and Exterior.  164,900 Bushels of Metal Grain Storage is waiting for the high yielding high quality crops the Yorkton area is well known for producing.  Power service is excellent and includes both 3 Phase and Single Phase.  Nat Gas service to the 2nd House could be expanded to other areas of the Yard.  The Land has top notch Assessments of 309,700 & 249,300, Soil Classes of E & D, and with Final Ratings as high as 95.84 is the kind of Grain Land everyone wants to own!  This type of Land coupled with the exceptional Yard Site has opportunity written all over it!  Check out the Drone Video at

Flood Protection in Manitoba

A recent article in the Canadian Cattlemen by Angela Lovell outlines Flood relief for producers in the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin areas. The Manitoba & Federal Governments combined are allocating $540 million towards flood protection projects for Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin. Read the full story at


Danielson Seeds Farm – Norquary, SK

This is the type of land many Farmers dream about owning but never accomplish.  Check out the exceptional land details and soil characteristics: Topography – T1 (Level) to T2 (Gentle Slopes), with a small amount of T3 (Moderate Slopes), Soil – Predominately a mix of Canora/Kamsack Silty Clay Loam & Canora/Oxbow Clay Loam, Stone Rating – S1 (None to Few) to S2 (Slight), Final Ratings – Average of 83.2, with some as high as 97.78,   SCIC Soil Ratings – 1 x C, 13 x D, 1 x E, 2 x F. Wow, that is some impressive Farm Land! This is the area the Field of Dreams competition for Canola was started in and with good reason.  If you want to maximize today’s high level of crop genetics & fertilizer combined with state-of-the-art precision equipment you need the best of the best land and this is your chance!  Add in the modern yard site with intact operating Pedigreed Seed & Custom Seed Cleaning Plant, 162,000 Bushels of Grain Storage, 56’ x 120’ Machine Shed, and 2128 sq. ft. Home and you are ready to go.  The Vendors are well known for operating a class act Pedigreed Seed business & Custom Seed Cleaning in this high yielding, high quality Grain area. So, what are you waiting for?  Pickup the phone and call to get started on your way to owning this awesome Farm!

The Tiregrabber

At this years Farm Progress Show in Regina the People’s Choice Farmyard Invention went to Darcy Goossen from Farintosh, AB for his Tiregrabber.  Built for a Skid Steer, suspect it could also be used on most any Front-End Loader, this 3 point hydraulic system takes the backbreaking work out of trying to man handle large tires.  Check it out at .

Shimko Property East of Canora

If you or someone you know are looking for a quarter with yard site be sure to checkout the recent listing located 2 Miles East of Canora on Highway #5.  This property showcases one of the cleanest and well cared for yard sites you will ever find.  Located on the bank of the Whitesand River this is truly an awesome place to call home!  Check out the Drone Video at .