Burback 6 Quarter Video

The Burback 6 Quarter Pasture/Recreational package is located on the South side of the Scenic Duck Mountain area East of Kamsack.  While is has been used for pasture it would be an excellent recreation/hunting area with a good mix of open grass meadows and heavy bush perfect for big game hunting.  There are trails throughout the property which includes a creek running through the valley.  Be sure to check out the video at https://youtu.be/NxAAU6w7jxE.

Leis Farm Video at Kamsack

A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog regarding the addition of a Drone to our services for posting videos of our listings.  We are happy to have the first video now available for the Leis Farm located East of Kamsack.  Be sure to check it out as it is an excellent showcase of this awesome property with exceptional views.  The link is https://youtu.be/n4WP7bcRSb4  Happy viewing 🙂

Drone Now Available for Video of Farms

Awesome news for all of our Clients.  We have completed the purchase of a Drone for video’s of our listings, an exceptional addition to the many services we already offer to our Clients.  We have chosen the DJI Phantom 4 with 4K capable video, up to 5KM distance and 28 Minutes flying time which will work very well for providing video’s and pictures of not only farm yards but also the included farm land.  We are very excited about this addition and look forward to having some video’s available in the coming weeks.  Feedback and questions are welcome!


Yorkton Harvest Showdown November 2 to 5, 2016

The Harvest Showdown was once again in full swing in Yorkton this year from Wednesday November 2 to Saturday November 5th.  We attended with our Hammond Realty display booth and enjoyed numerous conversations throughout the show ranging from the current farm land market to weather and the late harvest to commodity and livestock prices and more.  Without a doubt the main topic was the weather and late harvest as many farmers were unable to attend the Harvest Showdown as a much needed break in the weather was upon us allowing harvest to once again move forward.  As I write this the weather is continuing to cooperate with Sun and warm temperatures expected to reach 17 degrees with more Sun and warm weather forecast over the next week or so.  The Rodeo on Friday and Saturday evenings received good support and provided a fun and entertaining time for all in attendance.  Various conferences were held in the upstairs Convention area at the Gallagher Centre Wednesday through Friday and the awards for best crops displayed in the main entry area were enjoyed by all.  The Flexi Hall was full this year as the many Exhibitors provided a variety of displays marketing their products and services.  The Yorkton Harvest Showdown, one more reason the City of Yorkton and area is a great place to call home!