Supper in the Field Week 3 – Ron Seitz

Week 3 Supper in the Field took us to the farm of Ron Seitz at Aaron, SK.  Ron farms approximately 1000 acres of grain land.   With the beautiful weather we were able to actually have supper in the field rather than a Quonset or shop.  Ron was busy straight cutting Wheat and reported being pleased with yields.

Congratulation on the win Ron and good luck with the rest of harvest.

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Supper in the Field Week 2 – Merv & Julie Kraynick

Our Week 2 winners were Merv & Julie Kraynick of Canora, SK

Merv & Julie along with their sons Shane and Clint and their daughter-in-laws, Carmen & Rachelle operate a 900+ cow calf farm plus a 6000 acre grain farm.

At the time of Supper in the Field they were approximately half done harvest.  An excellent turn out at the Kraynick farm brought 29 family, friends and neighbors  together for an enjoyable evening of farm discussion and fun.

Best of luck to the Kraynick’s and neighbors through out the 2016 harvest.

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