GX94 Supper in the Field June 8, 2016

The final Spring 2016 GX94 Supper in the Field had us traveling to NW of Russell, MB and the farm of Jim & Linda Spear.  They, along with their son Scott, farm around 1000 acres of Grain land.  A recently built farm shop, which will have in-floor heat installed, is a second source of income as both Jim & Scott are mechanics.  The weather cooperated very nicely for our evening with around 22 degrees and light winds along with few to no bugs!  The Spear farmstead provided a beautiful well kept backdrop to the event along with numerous friends from the area.  Thank you to the Spear family for having us out to their farm, may 2016 prove to be a positive and profitable year for your family, friends & neighbors.


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GX94 Supper in the Field June 1

The 1st day of June 2016 brought the GX94 Supper in the Field crew and sponsors to the Clint & Shelley Guy Farm located NE of Lintlaw, SK.  They, along with their son Derris, wife Alicia and children Briel & Nixon, had the farm yard ready upon our arrival complete with a fire and camping chairs.  Other family, friends and neighbors joined in for about 25 to 30 people in total providing yet again a fun & informative atmosphere as we enjoyed the cold beverages and KFC meal.  The Guy’s farm, around 1700 acres, is along the Rockford Grid between Lintlaw and Endeavour and they had just completed seeding the evening before.  As with many areas this year seeding conditions started off a bit wet and ended up about as perfect as one can hope for.  Thank you to the Guy family and friends for an awesome evening!